CAPA Alumni - Show You #LoveCAPA

CAPA Alumni - We need you to show your love for CAPA this February! We’re kicking off this month of Valentine’s chocolates and roses with a love request to the estimated 20,000 CAPA alumni. We need your help to ensure CAPA survives and thrives in the face of the School District of Philadelphia budget cuts.

So Alumni, how do you love CAPA? Let us count the many ways you can show you #LoveCAPA this month. 

  1.  Sign up with the CAPA Foundation. Help us reach our goal of getting 2,000 alumni signed up with the CAPA Foundation this month.
  2. Encouraging your classmates to sign up with The CAPA Foundation. The graduating class with the highest representation will not only have bragging rights, but will be eligible for a free drink at the Alumni #LoveCAPA Happy Hour on Feb. 27.
  3. Agree to be a CAPA Foundation representative for your graduating class
  4. Follow the CAPA Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram@CAPAFoundation
  5. Share a picture or a memory from your CAPA days on social media and tag the @CAPA Foundation using hashtags:  #LoveCAPA #CAPAalumni
  6.  Buy an “Alumni Love CAPA” t-shirt.  100 t-shirts purchased by alumni will raise a $1,000 for The CAPA Foundation
  7.  Donate to the CAPA Foundation and help The CAPA Foundation mitigate the impact of the School District of Philadelphia budget cuts and ensure CAPA’s bright future
  8. Hold a happy hour for your graduating class or a benefit gig for the CAPA Foundation. Email us the details of your event and we’ll send you a bag of CAPA swag to share with your participants.
  9. Save the date for Feb 27th and join us at the Alumni #LoveCAPA Happy Hour. This is a great opportunity to connect with CAPA Alumni, learn more about The CAPA Foundation and the many ways you can support CAPA.
  10. Own a business? Consider buying an ad in the Playbill for CAPA’s spring musical, Pippin.

We hope you will show us all the ways that CAPA Alumni love and cherish their alma mater! XOXO